Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angi's baby shower

So this post is WAY late but... better late than never!

In June I hosted a baby shower at my house (with the help of my SIL Nancy) for Kevin's sister Angi! It had rained for weeks before and we were afraid it was going to do the same that day but the day turned out to be AMAZING!
I made a TON of cupcakes which my mom helped me decorate and everyone helped me eat! They were delicious if I do say so my self and they didn't look half bad. I am going to practice my skills and I hope to get as good as those girls on TV!

Cupcake bar

Food table

Nancy made the cute diaper cake! I supplied the ribbon.. that is where my contributions end! We have wanted to paint our shed since we moved it ( it was a nasty green color) and this was the motivation to get it done! Kevin spent most nights leading up to the shower painting it and getting the yard ready. We used some of the outfits I bought Angi as decorations. My thought was... why waste money on something we are just gonna throw away!For our activity we made scrapbook pages. It was so fun! I emptied my craft room into the back yard and let everyone make as many pages as they wanted! It was a wonderful day and I think everyone had a good time! Angi has since had her baby ( a few weeks early) and everyone is doing GREAT!

Braeden Michael