Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angi's baby shower

So this post is WAY late but... better late than never!

In June I hosted a baby shower at my house (with the help of my SIL Nancy) for Kevin's sister Angi! It had rained for weeks before and we were afraid it was going to do the same that day but the day turned out to be AMAZING!
I made a TON of cupcakes which my mom helped me decorate and everyone helped me eat! They were delicious if I do say so my self and they didn't look half bad. I am going to practice my skills and I hope to get as good as those girls on TV!

Cupcake bar

Food table

Nancy made the cute diaper cake! I supplied the ribbon.. that is where my contributions end! We have wanted to paint our shed since we moved it ( it was a nasty green color) and this was the motivation to get it done! Kevin spent most nights leading up to the shower painting it and getting the yard ready. We used some of the outfits I bought Angi as decorations. My thought was... why waste money on something we are just gonna throw away!For our activity we made scrapbook pages. It was so fun! I emptied my craft room into the back yard and let everyone make as many pages as they wanted! It was a wonderful day and I think everyone had a good time! Angi has since had her baby ( a few weeks early) and everyone is doing GREAT!

Braeden Michael

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Someone to watch over me

I have spent much of the last week laying on the couch because of the surgery. Most nights I had SA to watch over me! He would come down and make himself comfy right above my head. He also comes down in the middle of the night to check on me and make sure I am OK! What a good dog! Isn't' he sweet?!?!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's finally done!

A few weeks ago Kevin said he wanted to get started on some home improvement projects. So we decided to start with an "easy" one... the Craft room! We went and picked out paint, fixed the wall and got it all ready for me to do while Kevin was on shift. I only wanted to paint one wall so I figured I could get it done in one day and be done with it! Two weeks later it was done! My husband is just a little of a perfectionist and couldn't just paint one wall. We had to paint all the walls, the doors and the ceiling! Here are some before pictures...
I know my desk is a DISASTER, but I didn't want to organize it until it was all finished
You can see why we had to fix the wall. The people who owned the house before us had some shelves on the wall and didn't bother to take them down when they painted so we had to pry them off the wall and in turn it damaged the wall. (Notice how they aren't even level with one another and make no sense where they were hanging.. classic!
The finished product! I got the desk a few years ago at the DI for $40!! What a deal right! I changed the curtains (which I scored at Target for $3.74 on clearance), hung some shelves, and reorganized.
OK so really Kevin hung the shelves. I gave him free reign of how to hang them. I think he did a good job!
My mom gave me this magnetic board for Christmas a few years ago and I didn't want to hang it until I got my room done!
So now that the "easy" project is done we are going to move on....OK we were until I had to have sinus surgery. But once that is all paid for we are going to demo the bathroom! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Silly dogs!

A few months ago we noticed Peanut was licking his paws alot and also rubbing along the ground to itch himself. We took him to the vet and come to find out the poor little guy is VERY allergic to dust mites. I know of all things to be allergic to it's dust mites! we have started to give him allergy shots and he is doing better but he still licks him paws to stop them from itching. He licks them til the are raw and then they hurt him so we have started putting baby socks on him. He will wear them just long enough to take his mind off of it and then they seem to come off.

Then there is SA. He is not allergic to anything but he is VERY jealous! He started having "accidents" in the house. We took him to the vet to see if there was something wrong with him... NOPE just jealous of the attention Peanut was getting. So we have started putting socks on him any time we do for Peanut and he even gets a pretend shot when Peanut gets his.
I know it seems silly but it works! We haven't had any "accidents" since we started this and if a little pretend is all it takes then I will do it!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holidays Part 2

We started Christmas out at our house. Kevin and I opened presents and then we headed to James and Nancy's for the Patterson get together. Deacon is the first grand baby in like 10 years so it was fun to have a baby around for all the excitement! We opened presents there and ate all kinds of food... it was all so yummy! After we visited my Grandpa and went to a movie. It was a hectic but great day! Here are a few pictures from the day.
I think this was Kevin's favorite present this year. My mom picked this up on her trip to MI in October and has been waiting to give it to him. She was proud of herself for waiting and not giving it to him early! She found it in the back corner of an antique store that they almost didn't go into. It's a nice start to our collection. This fire truck bank has been in my family for as long as I can remember. My mom found it while they were putting their office back together and thought Kevin should have it. I found this ornament on the Internet and couldn't pass it up! It will make a nice addition to our tree. I surprise Kevin with ribbon candy, which we have been looking all over for! He didn't know I found some and was pretty excited! As excited as Kevin gets about anything!
When we got to James and Nancy's, Deacon was tired from the morning and Kevin was trying to get him to sleep. Isn't he cute?! Can you tell how excited he is about the blow up lion we got him?


I know I am late posting about the holidays but here it is!!!

I never really go totally into the Chirstmas spirit again this year... I think it's working in retail to long and dealing with people who make the month of December the worst month of the year. The song "Tis the season to be JOLLY" doesn't apply to alot of people this time of year! It doesn't help that I was sick alot of the month too!

I finally got my tree up and house decorated just a week or so before Christmas and started to get into the spirit alittle bit. I decided to try adding ribbon to my tree this year. I have seen it everywhere and thought I too would try it. It didn't come out excatly like I had hoped but there is always next year!

We were able to do a couple fun things with our family. We went to the Festival of Trees. It was the first time I had ever been and it was really neat! We went on the last weekend and it was PACKED so we didnt' stay to see everything. All the trees were beautiful and I could have taken pictures of all of them but here are just a couple of the ones we really liked.


This one was for a little boy who was sick and loved fire fighters!

We also took a trip Downtown to see the lights at Temple Square and to the Grand America Hotel. It was freezing all week but the day we decided to go was a bit warmer. We all bundled up and headed down on Trax, wondered around the hotel and the Temple Grounds then had dinner on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The lights were even better from way up there! Deacon was all bundled up and had a good time!
We had a great time with my parents, James, Nancy and the baby! Now on to Christmas it's self!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jackson Hole

This year was our bi-annual family reunion. We all traveled from our various states and met in Jackson Hole. We had a blast as usual!! But how could you not with this AWESOME family??? All 18 of us at the Continental Divide... we convinced a very nice man to take this for us! We were all able to hike around Jenny Lake to the Hidden Falls. It was so beautiful!

Most of the Grandkids.. Miles is MIA
Me and Kevin at the Hidden Falls
We spent a day in Yellowstone... not enough to see it all but we got to see alot. We hiked down to this water fall. I barely made it back up!!!
We took the tram to the top of the Tetons and yes there was still SNOW up there!
You can't visit Jackson Hole with out seeing the Town Shoot Out! It is so cute! And we just happened to be there on a night where 2 of the actors got engaged...AWWW!
Our reunion wouldn't be complete with out a BIRTHDAY PARTY! This year it was Western Themed... seemed fitting being in Jackson Hole and all.
We did alot of ropin'!
Thanks Kevin for building us a great steer!
Even Graham was able to rope the steer
We made cupcakes (cowboys and horses)
And we played a variety of Minute to Win it games! There are videos of that floating around the family somewhere I will have to see what I can come up with!
These kids crack me up!
The cousins had a great time together!
But of course no one could go the whole week with technology!
I think over all a fun time was had by all!!!
This is the vacation I look forward to! I love getting to spend time with my family! They are the best! If I had my way we would all live close and would be able to see each other alot more!